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Valverde Brothers "After Midnight"
Two dudes wild disco styles Keith Forsey Christian Schulze Hansa records 1979
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Tempest Trio "Tempest Trio"
Buxom Black Beauty in Wet Spandex Red Gloves Sea Borne Swimming Pool Water Spout Disco Marlin 1979
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Dan Ar Bras "The Earth's Lament"
Girl carrying Earth progressive rock x_Malicorne guitars Hexagone Records 1979
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Machiavel "Urban Games"
Happy business man waters buildings prog Harvest records 4 belgian francs sticker 1979
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Bombers "Bombers 2"
Deep space Stars Planets Speed West End Records Disco 1979
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Yellow Magic Orchestra "Solid State Survivor"
YMO the band sitting on a table with a lady doll half coke dressed in red 1979
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The Charlie Calello Orchestra "Calello Serenade"
Disco Town dancers instruments Michael Brecker Midsong label 1979
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Max Middleton & Rober Ahwai "Another Sleeper"
aliens baked jazz rock 1979
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Nobuo Yagi "Mi Mi Africa"
black dude armed and dangerous jap jazz funk 1979
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Teddy Lasry "Seven Stones"
Reflected Waterscape Cosmic Library RCA Victor Production Media 1979
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