Question #271 from Mosquito Chimney

Which summer activity have you enjoyed the most in 2011?

Combining pain killers with jet-skis.
Shoes with no socks lifestyle revival.
Pretending to not be noticed while staring at sunbathers.
Cowboys vs. Aliens
Manically refreshing the TOTD message board page.
Spending weekends indoors making the perfect playlist for your end-of-the-summer party that will never happen.
Following the latest iPhone 5 rumors.
Vacationing in impoverished nations.
I live in the southern hemisphere, asshole.
climbing *
bmx ing *
blog of the week nominees *
writing frightening verse to a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg *
hacky sack footbag *
Breaking things in honor of Mark Duggan. *
hanging out with my bff *

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* indicates the choice was added by a user.
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