Question #266 from Mosquito Chimney

How often do you use the word "rad"?

Only on Dream Chimney.
Only when typing about music.
All day long, even with my coworkers.
After getting shacked in the green room, brah.
I prefer to use the word "pitted."
Only with other Chimneys on or off DC otherwise you sound too much like a dude-bro *
As often as my inner TMNTurtle tells me to. *
Once a day, every day. *
Only when channeling my inner Cru Jones *
NEVER!!!!!! *
Only at 'Hang Ten' moments *
Dude, I forgot that was a word *
Tons *
Kind of hoping that "kind" takes its place soon. *
i don't really... *
I don't just say it. I live it. *
never *
NEVER!!!!! *
mohahaha *
yeah i do *
all day, errday *

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