Question #263 from Ryan Chimney

With the new madlib and fatboys coffee roasts out now, which rapper would you like to next see have their own coffee ?

Eric B and Rakim 'Brewed in Full roast'
EPMD 'you gots to chill iced coffee'
Big Daddy Kane 'Aint no Half and Half, dark roast'
Grand Master Flash espresso
Fu-Schnickens 'La Schmoove Signature Blend'
Doug E Fresh Roast
Flavored Flav Flavored Coffee
Kool Moe Decaf Roast
Jah Larry's Blue Mountain Roast *
Old Dirty Brew-stard *
Sir Mix a Latte *
Sugarhill Gang Bang Bang Boogie Roast *
Cold Crush Brothers 'Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold' Roast *
Wu Tang's C.R.E.A.M.y Eastern Blend *
Biz Mark's Booger Blend *
Fat Cup o' Joe *
DJ Muggs *
Special Ed *
Waka Flocka Flame *
Kool G Frapp *
j dilla deep roast *
Kool Herc Perc *
Run-DMCoffee *
ME!!!! *
Beanz Anti Pop Blend *
ZEBA!!!! *
Macy and Tegan *
Cypress Hill Blunt Roast Blend *
house blend *
wow weird this is!!!!!!!!!! *

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