Question #258 from Buzz Chimney

Your plans during the track of the day hiatus?

scour some music blogs
get more done at work
catch up on some reading
huddle in a corner in fetal position
revisit the music collection
go outside
I have no idea
fight the power! *
stare at the stars *
leave the present: drive into the past in my dolorean *
blaze with Jah Larry *
write a stern letter *
work on my own music *
keep checking site 5 times a day like nothing changed *
Frequent OTD instead *
L4D2 *
sport :) *
i go on the computer *
weep *
buildabearville *
bla bla bla *
Anything but these... *
Go on Danielles site :P *
who cares *
i care dammit! *
anything *
go on visit padz!!!!!!!! *
go to friends duhhhhh *
Fight the power!! *
WTF is thata? *
WTF WTF WTF!!!??? *
Blubba? *
Anna + seli = bast friends for Ever *
Elfenlied <3 *
anime <3 *
*O* What??? *O* *
produce miley cyrus tribute album *
protest! *

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* indicates the choice was added by a user.
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