Question #257 from Mosquito Chimney

Which is your favorite DC "file under?"

kraut on my jah-dog
Coke On The Console
Loveboat Disco
A Stroll Around the Yact while moored in the Bahamas
Feel Free Fridays
Baked Electronics
New Age Without Shame
Cooked To The Gizzards
Airbrushed Dragon
delorean acid trip *
Making out w crush *
Acid Adult Contemporary *
miley cyrus *
brasil rocks *
idk *
Magician Molester *
British Gnome Folk Meets the Well-Tempered Synthesizer *
Watery Gold Chain with Beard *
the brazillionaire *
Jah Larry *
What *
????????????????? *
beyonce *
2002 Blow Your Balls Off *
Katy perry *
p!nk *

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* indicates the choice was added by a user.
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