Question #249 from Ryan Chimney

What you are most looking forward to during the Obama Presidency?

Universal Healthcare
Lower Taxes on the middle class
Energy Indepenence
Ending the War
Basketball becoming the National Pastime
America can become 'Cool' again
Jah Larry opointed Cheif of Staff
The second coming of Christ *
what is the two word adjective in battlefield *
truth *
I don't care, I don't live in america! *
Not having a douchebag in charge *
Closing of Guantanamo Bay / ending state-sanctioned torture *
Lots of heated political rantings on ________ of the day *
more chicagohouse partys arround the globe *
smug self-satisfaction *
my new puppy *
makin cookies *
Someone with Brains in the White House *
death XD *
um hello? Change people, change. *
Gibson brothers performing at inauguration ceremony *
Fluk *
Death to AMERICA!!! *
more doodles *
i hate this *
none of these quaqlify obama sucks ass *
Fat butt *
nothing *
your mom sucks ass *
mom is awesome *
crap *
enisa *
new season of "my name is earl" *
same shit, different asshole *

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