Question #228 from Coworker Chimney

Whats the best quote from Daddy's Curses?

Nuts. And phooey, and nuts. And phooey, and nuts.
Gosh darn it! Gosh darn it! Gosh darn it!
Fucking thing!
what a rotten fuckbag this thing is. . .
motherfucking cocksucking goddamned BULLSHIT!
fucking whoremaster!!!
awww. . . now what!?
cheap piece of shit *
you stupid pig FUCK! *
you glorified motherFUCKER! *
what a pain in the asshole *
I swear to Christ, Bruce! *
poop smells bad *
spend the $300 dollars and buy the right fucking tool ya moron! *
double fucking bullshit *
ahem *
Joshua, you left your synthesizer on? *
Gosh darn it, I hate these bicycles, I FUCKING HATE THEM! *
You miserable, stupid toad! *
You scuzzhole! *
I turned it off. I don't know, FUCK IT. *
whoremaster *

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