Question #218 from Sooty Chimney

What is the most infuriating Bush Administration fuck-up?

Totally clueless about/indifferent to Hurricane Katrina
Warrantless Wiretapping
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito
Zealous pursuit of an utterly redundant Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage
Zealous pursuit of an utterly unnecessary Constitutional amendment banning flag-burning
Totally clueless about/indifferent to mountains of evidence that global warming is real
all of the above *
generally Bush *
Manufactured Acts of Terror in An Effort to Consolidate Power and Usher in a Polices State with Suspended Elections and Forced Labor Camps, Courtesy of our Friends at Haliburton *
"the fact that he's president" *
State-sanctioned torture *
all of the above and below *
Resembling a Primate *
bush rules *
all of the above and below except anything positive towards bush *
his not being Jah Larry *
he's the decider and we are wrongheaded *

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