Question #210 from Mardu Chimney

What is your favorite of Mother Chim's summer pastimes?

Frisbee Tosses
Wiffle Ball
Backyard Pools
Camping Sessions
Mexican Beaches
Reggae Dolphins
Tequila Shots
Fireworks *
Freshly Mown Grass *
Thunderstorms *
Spliffs *
Coolers Full Of Beer *
Water Balloons *
Bikinis *
Jah Larry *
Birdsong *
Hot Tubbing *
Jean Cut-Offs *
Boombox-Worthy Tunes *
Sports on TV *
Watching your SAAB get a good rodgering from the Felton High School cheerleading squad while you slap high-fives with your buds and listen to Tears For Fears *
Windsurfing *
Feeling Free *
Snapping a tube *
No socks *
No rules *
Skimboarding *
Grillin' & Chillin' *
Smashball *
water weanies *

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* indicates the choice was added by a user.
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