Question #206 from Space Chimney

Who/what is your favorite musical captain?

Captain Chimney
Captain and Me (Doobie Bros)
Captain Sensible
I said Captain ( I said what?)
Captain Beefheart
Captain Hook
Captain & Tenille
Ride Captain ride, upon your mystery ship *
Soy capitan, soy capitan *
Captain Fantastic *
Captain Howdy (Penn Jillette's band) *
Captain Kangaroo *
Shadow Captain (CSN) *
Captain Coke *
Captain Future *
Captain of Her Heart *
Captain Save-a-Ho (E40) *
The Captain of Rappin' (Mac Dre) *
The Make it Happen Cap'n *
I'm Your Captain (Grand Funk Railroad) *
Captain America (aka Eugenius) *

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* indicates the choice was added by a user.
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