Question #203 from Space Chimney

What's your favorite unanswered musical question?

Why can't we live together?
Is there life on Mars?
Who built the pyramids?
Who's that girl?
What time is love?
Will the wolf survive?
Who's afraid of the art of noise?
Do you want new wave or do you want the truth?
Why do you think they call it dope?
Hello, how are you? *
Do you know the way to San Jose? *
Do you really wanna party with me? *
Why can't I touch it? *
Have you ever been free? *
(What's the Story) Morning Glory? *
Who'll Stop The Rain? *
Who wrote the book of love? *
Do you really want to hurt me? *
Why Can't We be Friends? *
Can you feel it? *
Are you man enough? *
Do you think i'm sexy? *
Does anybody really know what time it is? *
Do they know it's Christmastime at all? *
Who let the dogs out? *
Why do fools fall in love? *
How can u just leave me standing? Alone in a world thatís so cold? *
Was Dog a Doughnut? *
How soon is now? *
Do ya wanna funk? *
Have you no ambition? *
Do You Wanna Dance? *
I make fresh rhymes daily. You burn me, really? *
Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name? *
what doobie you be? *
Do you believe in magic? *
How long has this been going on? *
Why does your love hurt so much? *
Why don't we do it in the road? *
Where do broken hearts go? *
Do ya think I'm sexy? *
What's your name? Who's your Daddy? Is he rich, is he rich like me? Has he taken any time to show you what you need to live? *
What's goin' on? *
Have you seen her? *
What you know about that? *
Is anybody out there? Does anybody care? *
will the circle be unbroken? *
Are you old enough? *
who shot ya? *
don'tcha wish yr girlfriend was hott like me? *
Him, HiM, HIM, what's she gonna do about HIM? *
Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me? *
How do you like me now? *
Do you mind if I stroke you up? *
You down with O.P.P.? *
Why can't I be you? *
What's the frequency, Kenneth? *
Who can it be knockin' at my door? *
Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feeeel it? *
Is it all over my face? *
What's love got to do with it? *
What's a beard got to do with it? *
Are we living in love, or are we living in sin? *
Should I stay or should I go? *
Who's Johnny? *
Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie? *
Is she really going out with him? *
Am I Evil? *
whatever made you want to change your mind? *
Who's holding Donna now? *
Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)? *
Where do we go? Where do we go now? Where do we go (sweet child)? *
Can you hear me, can you hear me calling? *
Tommy can you hear me? *
Jenny, Jenny, who can i turn to? *
Can I get a witness? *
Who made who? *
Who are you? *
Are you gonna go with me? *
Who put the garlic in the glue? *
Life on Mars? *
Whatcha Gonna Do About It? *
Why do birds sing so gay? *
Are we ourselves? *
Is anybody out there? Does anybody care? *
can you hear me callin *

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