"Which summer activity have you enjoyed the most in 2011?"

Choice Votes %
Combining pain killers with jet-skis.00%
Shoes with no socks lifestyle revival.414%
Pretending to not be noticed while staring at sunbathers.00%
Cowboys vs. Aliens27%
Manically refreshing the TOTD message board page.310%
Spending weekends indoors making the perfect playlist for your end-of-the-summer party that will never happen.13%
Following the latest iPhone 5 rumors.00%
Vacationing in impoverished nations.27%
I live in the southern hemisphere, asshole.27%
bmx ing13%
blog of the week nominees27%
writing frightening verse to a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg27%
hacky sack footbag13%
Breaking things in honor of Mark Duggan.13%
hanging out with my bff310%

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