"What is your favorite Michael Jackson moment ?"

Choice Votes %
Hair catching fire Pepsi ad2913%
Cruises the Caribbean with eleven-year-old actor Macaulay Culkin.52%
Marries Lisa Marie Presley.21%
Late 1984: He gets his nose slightly narrowed.42%
1986: Stars in Francis Ford Coppola's Captain EO.42%
May 16, 1983: Performs "Billy Jean" for the first time does the moonwalk3716%
Jan. 16, 2004: Pleads not guilty to child molestation charges.00%
Records duet with Jah Larry84%
1985 - does a brief duet with Huey Lewis with John Oates in the same room42%
Nov. 19, 2002: dangles a baby over a balcony in Berlin.157%
showed thriller2913%
went to court in his pj's2310%
he dies94%
not a micheal jackson fan73%
being a cute black guy :D31%
Michael Jackson is a retard84%
he sounds like a girl and he looks like one too42%
michael jackson is *YAWN* times sixty bajillion52%
all of the above31%
he sucks31%
hes awesome, i love all the stuff hes ever done42%
micheal jackson is 90% recycleble42%
i don't know21%
the lean in smooth criminal31%
themost talented person ever21%
bob the builder52%

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SmokesQuantity Chimney
let's let him RIP

  Posted: July 10, 2009 (9:07 AM)

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