"What you are most looking forward to during the Obama Presidency?"

Choice Votes %
Universal Healthcare95%
Lower Taxes on the middle class53%
Energy Indepenence53%
Ending the War159%
Basketball becoming the National Pastime32%
America can become 'Cool' again42%
Jah Larry opointed Cheif of Staff53%
The second coming of Christ21%
what is the two word adjective in battlefield21%
I don't care, I don't live in america!64%
Not having a douchebag in charge74%
Closing of Guantanamo Bay / ending state-sanctioned torture42%
Lots of heated political rantings on ________ of the day64%
more chicagohouse partys arround the globe1610%
smug self-satisfaction21%
my new puppy42%
makin cookies64%
Someone with Brains in the White House64%
death XD21%
um hello? Change people, change.42%
Gibson brothers performing at inauguration ceremony64%
Death to AMERICA!!!00%
more doodles42%
i hate this32%
none of these quaqlify obama sucks ass64%
Fat butt42%
your mom sucks ass21%
mom is awesome53%
new season of "my name is earl"42%
same shit, different asshole42%

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