"Which Gary?"

Choice Votes %
Gary Shandling138%
Gary Numan64%
Gary Wilson32%
Gary Coleman64%
Gary McFarland43%
Gary Lewis21%
Gary, Indiana85%
Gary Gnu43%
Gary Glitter43%
gary gilmore11%
Gary Gaetti21%
gary bartz64%
Gary Burton43%
Gary Wright21%
Gary Elkerton11%
Cleveland Gary32%
Gary Busey74%
Gary Richrath64%
Gary Berghoff149%
Gary "The Sarge" Matthews43%
Gary Cole (google image search this)21%
Gary Oldman96%
Garry Kasparov21%
Gary Larson ?21%
Gary Jenkins43%
Gary Hart64%
GZA, the Genius64%
Gary Windo21%
Gary Regan21%
Gary's Gang43%
gary b32%
Gary U.S. Bonds53%
gary gary21%
scary gary21%
Gary on spongebob21%
Gary Bergoff21%
gary my dad32%

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the Fool Chimney
While I Gary Lewis was an inspired choice (who doe'snt love the playboys?) can BARELY believe I had to add BUSEY!! I mean by his involvement in D.C. Cab alone he should been up there! also his band "Carp" was actually kind of cool, guess the acid took a while to make him nutso.

  Posted: October 1, 2007 (3:10 PM)

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