"Whats the best quote from Daddy's Curses?"

Choice Votes %
Nuts. And phooey, and nuts. And phooey, and nuts.87%
Gosh darn it! Gosh darn it! Gosh darn it!00%
Fucking thing!44%
what a rotten fuckbag this thing is. . .65%
motherfucking cocksucking goddamned BULLSHIT!98%
fucking whoremaster!!!65%
awww. . . now what!?00%
cheap piece of shit54%
you stupid pig FUCK!54%
you glorified motherFUCKER!11%
what a pain in the asshole33%
I swear to Christ, Bruce!76%
poop smells bad33%
spend the $300 dollars and buy the right fucking tool ya moron!65%
double fucking bullshit1513%
Joshua, you left your synthesizer on?44%
Gosh darn it, I hate these bicycles, I FUCKING HATE THEM!109%
You miserable, stupid toad!22%
You scuzzhole!54%
I turned it off. I don't know, FUCK IT.22%

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Frank Chimney
indeed. daddy's curses is merely a sampling of an endless stream of creative cursing...

  Posted: February 14, 2007 (10:02 AM)
JayWar Chimney
too many faves really... each time I look at this list I vote for a new one... I wonder how many chimneys have heard this? If you haven't check out the link on Pro.Con to an excerpt

  Posted: February 1, 2007 (10:02 AM)
Baby Bruce Chimney
as firsthand witness to the madness, I wish you could have seen my Dad live & direct. truly breathtaking...

  Posted: January 30, 2007 (1:01 PM)

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