"What was YOUR favorite moment of Friday night?"

Choice Votes %
Parking near the GAMH00%
Being on the "list"26%
Listening to Parker Gibbs on the mic26%
Jason Molina & The Court and Spark00%
Kelly Stoltz & The Court and Spark00%
C&S performing "Hearts" in all it's glory516%
Free Budwiser...wait there was free beer?26%
The "loving it" woman in the front center26%
yelling "play some lebowski jams" and having people around you turn around a stare blankly26%
Getting a really great balcony seat928%
Watching "Mitchell" (MST3K) with an old friend26%
sittin at home26%

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Buzz Chimney


  Posted: May 17, 2006 (1:05 PM)

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