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Welcome to “_____” of the Day, the site which anyone can post links or images of funny or interesting things you find during your day on the internet. You might be surfing around looking for something and all of a sudden you come across something really funny like a animated gif of Dom Deliese or a link to story about Mexican UFO's. What ever it might be, it has a place here on “_____” of the Day.

Just copy the URL to the website or image and bring it back here. Click the bright yellow burst on the top left and add a name to the “_____”. If you find a dog wearing a suit, that might be "Dog" of the Day or "Classy Pooch" of the Day. That part is up to you to be creative! Check back often as others read and comment on your rare Internet find...

Our RSS feed of the 10 most recent can be found here.


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